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Servicing Price List 2021/22

A Full Service consists of:


  • Minor base repairs using p-tex; p-tex is added to the base to fill in any holes scratches or damages to the base of the ski or board. (Any large damage requiring glue wire or patches will be priced separately on inspection)


  • The ski or board is then taken over our machine through a series of 4 belts in order to from a high to low grit. This flattens the base of the ski so that the base and the edges are at the same level allowing the ski to run smoothly over the snow.


  • Finally the ski/board is waxed, the excess wax is scraped off and the base is brushed and coated with a tefelon coat to protect it and allow the ski to run smoothly.


Base Core Repair and Patches priced after inspection.

Ski Servicing:


Wax Only - £10

Edge and Wax - £20

Full Service - £25

Binding Fit - £30


Snowboard Servicing:


Wax Only - £15

Edge and Wax - £25

Edge, Wax and Ptex - £30