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Atomic Redster FIS SL w/X12 Binding







Ski Dimensions:

Ski Radius:


The Atomic Redster FIS SL JR is the ideal Slalom ski for any FIS junior event.


This high-performance ski is especially flexible and boasts a well-balanced flex: its sandwich construction – with high-grade wood core and titanium inserts – gives the ski its harmonious flex characteristics, while the narrow waist allows turns to be carved instantly. This ski ensures precise edge grip even in the tightest of turns, and the Cap construction ensures that energy is transferred directly to the edges. The waist width and shape make the Redster FIS SL JR especially flexible. Making the Redster FIS SL JR the perfect junior ski for the Slalom World Champions of tomorrow.

FIS Race


Active Camber

@151cm - SL X Race 46

@144cm - Grip Lift

@151cm - X12; @144 - XTL12

@151cm - 112/64/96

@151cm - 11.5m

Tip to Tail Woodcore


For 130cm w/X12 Binding


MRP: £399.95

Now: £280


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