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Atomic Skins Multi Fit





Atomic's exclusive climbing skins boast exceptional gliding characteristics and maximum grip for effortless, efficient climbing.


The skins are available in two variations: the PRE FIT line includes bespoke skins made from 100% mohair; they are specifically designed for Atomic's Backcountry Touring models. A MULTI FIT version made from 70% mohair and 30% synthetic material is also available; it can be adapted easily to any Atomic twin-tip model. The skins are attached using the practical Atomic Fix System, which is easy to use even when wearing gloves and which ensures a firm fit. With the PRE Fit range the skins are attached using tip and tail clips, and with the MULTI FIT range using tip and twin-tip tail clips.

Multi Fit Skins



Tip Clip

Twin Tip Tail Clip

70/30% Mix

Sizes Available: 173cm, 183cm, 193cm


MRP: £169.95

Our Price: £129.95

Delivery Charge: £5.50



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