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Fischer Fuse 8

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MRP: £189.95

Now: £100


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For people who love sporty skiing but do not want to sacrifice comfort. Easy entry and Ski&Walk mode.



Rapid Slide System - Extremely soft material in the instep section of the shell together with the Seamless Slider ensure a level of comfort that was previously thought to be impossible when putting on boots of this target group.


H.I.P.E - High Insulation PolyEthylene: maximum warmth insulation through the 3-layer principle (mesh, aluminium coating, polyethylene). The material also gives you a more homogeneous fit. Thermoformable boot liner.


Ski Walk Mode - Easy entry and manually selectable mode for easy walking. Perfect ski setting in Ski mode.


Full Thermofit - Upper material of boot liner is thermoformable for a homogeneous fit.


Profiled Sole Plates - Profiled heel plate for a better grip when walking.


On Center Position - Enables faster edge switches, optimum grip and tighter radiuses for the skier.



Liner: FFS Comfort Fit , Flex: 80, Strap: 35mm