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Fischer Soma RC4 100 Jr

Sizes Available:


MRP: £329.95

Now: £170


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For well advanced young racers who want to develop their performances even further: relatively forgiving top boot with pro features.

Fischer Fit System FFS:



Power Velcro Strap:

Flex Index:

FFS Race Fit


Aergo Shape 2



Micro Heel Plates:


Sensitive Toebox:


Adjustable Spoiler:




Insole Sport:


Pull Straps:


Full Thermofit:

Replaceable micro heel plates that do not affect power transfer to ski.

Elastic Neoprene ensures optimum fit in tow section and also provides excellent thermal insulation.

The spoiler is fixed to the boot liner by a Velcro strap and can be adjusted individually. Higher spoiler for more support, lower spoiler for lower calf position, spoiler removed for less forward lean.

Comfortable insole with good heel cradling and light footbed.

Straps on boot liner tongue and rear make it easy to insert foot.

Upper material of boot liner is thermoformable for a homogeneous fit.