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LEKI Forearm Guards

Together with our ski racers we developed the adjustable forearm protector, exclusively for use in alpine ski racing. The hard shell made of extremely robust and shock-proof plastic material is especially shaped to reduce injuries and features a precisely designed matrix with polished slip zone reinforcements


Shocks and vibrations are softened and the gates can slide perfectly. There's a perfect size for each user. The "forearm gate deflector" should cover the complete forearm from middle of the wrist to the elbow. Ergonomically designed for your left and right forearm. In general the forearm protector is applied over the race suit, but can also be worn below and is fixed to the forearm with velcro straps. Anti slip stripes guarantee perfect hold. Please use the forearm protectors combined with alpine gloves.

Sizes Available: One size, cut to be adjusted to size.


MRP: £80.00

Our Price: £69.99


Need some more information? Email us at the address below:

365 000 003 Unterarmschlagschutz