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LEKI WorldCup GS Trigger S Lite

Currently the most effective race pole on the market, complete with injury reducing Trigger S grip and strap, teardrop shaft for reduced drag and carbide tips. This version is light and aerodinamically advanced for perfect performance and GS. The Lite version has reduced durability and weight, but not performance from the WorldCup.

Trigger S Speed Grip Technology:

  • The first safety binding in a ski pole.

  • Absolute reliable strap release function.

  • Racing Grip in perfect design for speed disciplines - ergonomically shaped with 4 finger notches.

  • Integrated positive angle for perfect swing action.

  • Super Power Grip - perfect handling, a maximum in control due to the integrated grip lines.

Sizes Available:


MRP: £69.95

Our Price: £69.95



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WorldCup Lite GS Trigger S