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LEKI WorldCup SL Trigger S Lite

Currently the most effective race pole on the market, complete with injury reducing Trigger S grip and strap, teardrop shaft for reduced drag and carbide tips. This version fits perfectly with a LEKI poleguard for complete Slalom performance. The Lite version has reduced durability and weight, but not performance from the WorldCup.

Trigger S Speed Grip Technology:  

  • The first safety binding in a ski pole.

  •  Absolute reliable strap release function.

  •  Racing Grip in perfect design for speed disciplines - ergonomically shaped with 4 finger notches.

  • Integrated positive angle for perfect swing action.

  • Super Power Grip - perfect handling, a maximum in control due to the integrated grip lines.

Sizes Available:


MRP: £69.99

Our Price: £59.99

Delivery £5.50


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Leki Lite SL 11